Battery Alarm
Android app
for full and low battery level

The Battery Alarm application is used to extend battery life and to alert you when the battery is charged or discharged at a certain level

download battery alarm app download battery alarm app
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The settings are simple and the application is ready to work immediately after installation

There are three types of warnings (Up right):

You control the alert volume on your phone (app doesn't access phone settings).
Voice Warning - Media volume (The PRO version supports voice alert in 31 languages).
Sound Warning - Ringtone volume
Notifications Warning - Notifications volume

The user sets the minimum and maximum alarm, and the alarm recurrence period is 10 or 30 seconds for the free version until the PRO version supports alarm recurrence from 5 seconds to 12 hours.
On the upper slider you set the warning for the minimum battery and the lower one for the maximum battery warning. If you want to turn off the warning, set the slider to ZERO 0.

three types of warnings

How to check battery health on android with Battery Alarm app

With the Battery alarm application, you can check the status of your battery. All data is obtained from your phone (temperature, current, battery status, etc ..) percentage of battery charge, battery health, current battery temperature, current battery voltage.

Check the battery consumption from the Battery Alarm app by clicking the Battery. Usage button (First button bottom left). Here you can see which applications have the highest battery consumption. One of the biggest consumers of the battery is the screen, so mobile devices with a larger screen also have larger batteries (and they also have more space for the battery).

Battery health

Battery Alarm app

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  1. PRO version supports:

    ⭐ Voice alert in multiple languages
    ⭐ Alarm delay from 5 seconds to 12 hours
    ⭐ Widget
    ⭐ Alert sound selection
    ⭐ Hide icon from notification bar
    ⭐ Male / female warning voice
    ⭐ do not disturb time

Battery capacity

Smartphones are becoming more powerful, but battery capacity is lagging behind. Battery capacity is measured in mA and the older the battery, the smaller its capacity.
Every mobile device has more and more new sensors, cameras, larger and more demanding displays ... and all this affects battery consumption.The worst situation is keeping a fully charged battery at elevated temperatures.
Battery life  ↗

Phone settings

In order to extend the battery life, some mobile device manufacturers (eg Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung ...) stop all applications running in the background and thus try to extend the battery life, but to the detriment of applications such as Alarm Clocks, My Fit, etc., so it is necessary to set up some mobile devices. Phone settings  ↗

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How To Get Battery Charge Level Notifications on Android

The app gives you complete control over exactly at what percentage you would like to be notified, whether you are charging the phone or using it unplugged. Detailed description of the application on the LINK: ↗